One more time….Denikaina Ready

It seems Brahman organisations are not going to leave Mohan Babu family for their attitude towards their community.  A New case is filed on  Mohan Babu’s Denikaina Ready movie .

Varanasi Pawan Kumar of Janagaon Warangal district filed a  petition charging criminal conspiracy  against Mohan Babu for insulting the sentiments of Brahmins and hurting the religious formalities of Hindus. He also demanded a complete ban on the film.

First Class Magistrate has directed Janagaon police to register cases against producer Manchu Mohan Babu, hero Manchu Vishnu, director Nageswara Reddy, actor Brahmanandam, writers Kona Venkat, Baachimanchi Venkata Subramanyam Ravi, and censor officer Dhana Lakshmi. Police are to book cases against the team under sections 295 A, 420, 298 and 120. Barhmins still  say that they are denikaina ready and go to any extend.