One more official site exposed !

The one & only official website for movie artists & association has published the following collection figures , just check for 4 days it has published 5.3 crores share as Nizam collections (ie) average of 1.3 crore per day. For 5th day it has pumped up a figure of  2.1 crore share . Simple question when 1st day share is 1.8cr (when all shows were full) , how can 5th days share tends to be 2.1 crore  (not even a holiday)? as theaters count was same or less than first day  and with 65% (avg) fulls in Nizam .

Although it looks silly all the time concentrating on these figures  but for all these years many leading sites are fooling  their readers. After we have emerged as authentic site in publishing collection figures , readers are able to understand about fake  collections. Its not about a particular website , there are hundreds of sites which have no proper source and depend on popular sites as feed. Taking this as advantage popular sites are ruling the roast with fake figures.


This site has published ….


Nizam – 5.30 cr
Ceeded – 3.10 cr
Nellore – 82 lakh
Guntur – 1.83 cr
Krishna – 1.19 cr
West Godavari – 1.20 cr
East Godavari – 1.60 cr
Vizag – 1.35 cr
Rest of India – 1.75 cr

Total – 18.14 cr

SVSC 5 days Collections 

AREA                                –                                COLLECTION

Nizam                                      –                                 Rs 7.40 Cr
Ceded                                      –                                 Rs 3.91 Cr
Nellore                                    –                                 Rs 1.01 Cr
Guntur                                    –                                 Rs 2.20 Cr
Krishna                                   –                                 Rs 1.52 Cr
West Godavari                         –                                 Rs 1.49 Cr
East Godavari                          –                                 Rs 1.94 Cr
Vizag                                      –                                 Rs 1.90 Cr

TOTAL                                   –                                 Rs.21.37 Cr