One more Hunger strike from Jagan ?

jaganYSRCP president Jagan Mohan reddy’s sister Sharmila alleged that his brother’s indefinite fast for special status , has created tremors in Andhra pradesh government .

She said, Jagan’s fast has scared AP CM Chandrababu Naidu as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to AP for foundation stone laying ceremony for Amaravati. is in due course. If Jagan’s indefinite fast continues,it would have a greater impact on Modi visit.

She said, Naidu has more commitment for Publicity than Public . She said, its the duty of Naidu to bring special status top AP but Jagan has taken this responsibility on his shoulders. She enlightened about future course of action,  She said, Jagan will continue his fight for special status after he recovers ,  Jagan is not going to stop with this Deeksha.

Hope one more Hunger strike from Jagan !!.