Old star heroes turns Iron legs

They were Star heroes in their era, but they named iron legs now. Super Star Krishna, Rebel Star Krishnam Raju and Collection King Mohan Babu ruled the Industry in their times, but in their second innings as supporting artists failing scoring flops. Krishna’s last 25-30 films are disasters and he decided to not to act in his son Mahesh Babu’s films any more. Dad and son acted together in (Mahesh as hero) Raja Kumarudu and Vamsi. While first was a super hit, second was a big flop.

Mohan Babu also scored big disasters in his second innings. His films with his sons as well as with other stars scored flops. Meanwhile, Mohan Babu is gearing up to do his dream project ‘Ravana’, where he will be playing the lead role. The actor himself is producing the film with high budget. Another yesteryear hero is Krishnam Raju, who is also struggling with flops. This Rebel Star’s most of the films in second innings are duds. The actor will soon be seen in Prabhas’s ‘Rebel’.

Once, they may be the star heroes but the recent form irking them. Hope the actors will come out of this bad phase and score hits.