Okkadu Migiladu Movie Review – Emotional war drama

okkadu-migiladuMovie: Okkadu Migiladu
Actors: Manchu Manoj, Anisha Ambrose, Ajay Andrews, Posani Krishnamurthy and others
Music: Shiva Nandigam
Cinematography: VK Ramaraju
Fights: Manchu Manoj, MAster nandu
Producer: SN Reddy, Lakshmi Kanth
Story and direction: Ajay Andrews
Banner: Padma Films India Pvt. Ltd.
TeluguSquare.com Rating 3.25/5


Surya (Manchu Manoj) is a student. He is a refugee. Three girls in his colony commit suicide but someone is behind those suicides, Minster two sons are behind the murders. Surya begins the fight to inform the world of this wickedness. He gets arrested in fake marijuana smuggling case. Has Suriya emerged from the captivity of the police? Or not? Will he take revenge for girls murders? What is the relationship between Peter in Sri Lanka and Surya?


Manoj appears in two different roles. But the role of Peter is the more impressive. The way he utters dialogue was fantastic to watch. After Manoj, director Ajay Andrews plays a crucial role. Instead of him, the makers should have opted for a familiar actor. The actress Anisha Ambrose appears in the role of a journalist. Her role is not very important. The rest of the characters are too small. Posani was unable to use his role.


Okkadu Migiladu is all about the refugees who migrated from Sri Lanka to Tamilnadu during the partition of the country, their fight for the survival. The connection between 2017 story with the 25-year-old battle in Sri Lanka was interesting. The audience who have the knowledge about refugees and LTTE will get connected to the film easily.The battle of the flashback is the strength of the story. Peter (Manoj) will enter the story 20 minutes before the interval. The film will be an emotional ride till Peter character is shown on the screen.The director has shown the difficulties of the Sri Lankan refugees’, their tears, their efforts for citizenship in a most emotional manner.

In the second half, there are scenes of boat travel for about 40 minutes as How the refugees leave Sri Lanka into India? The director took a 40 minute time to tell. All of those scenes will test the patience. The scenes that can be told in the two and three minutes are dragging in length, where the film goes off track. Manoj conversation in the climax makes you think. It would have been a good choice to replace the boat journey episode with another strong emotion. Violence and bloodshed are more common. One and two conversations were muted.The director was trying to something good. But there was a bit of trouble when trying to say it, Conversations are scattered. The song on the background is heart touching the heart. Overall its a power-packed intense emotional war drama showcasing the struggle faced by the refugees.

+ Manoj acting
+ Conversations
+ War scenes
– Dragging story
– Boat trip

The Tearful Refugees story.