Oka Romantic Crime Katha inspires youth to snatch chains

At last one movie has inspired our youth after a long time but unfortunately on wrong note. Its none other than recently released movie Oka Romantic Crime Katha,  Basically this movie revolves around three girls ,Their regular lives come undone when they fall for the wrong guys and end up committing uncorrectable mistakes.

But, A scene where the guy in the movie come ups with easy earning method  by Chain snatching targeting lonely women on roads riding on black pulsur . This was the scene in movie which has inspired Warangal youth a lot , almost 26 chain snatching took place after the movie was released . Gold rates across the world are very high is a encouraging factor for chain snatchers. Women in Warangal are fearing to walk on streets wearing gold ornaments. Interesting fact , Even girls are into business, In an incident 2 girls face covered with cloth entered a kirana shop asked for chilli power ,immediately poured that power on to shop owner eyes who supposed to be a woman  and ran away with 50k .

While the movie Oka Romantic Crime Katha is declared a hit with repeat audience , has celebrated  its 25 days run recently. Thanks to our so called talented movie makers for such kind of inspiring films…