Oka Romantic Crime Katha inspires Abhay case accused

oka_romantic_crime_katha-774747Telugu film “Oka Romantic Crime Katha” which was released in the year 2014 , turns inspiration for Kidnappers and criminals .

Main theme of the movie was to earn money by committing Snatchings and kidnappings. With the inspiration of movie, The prime accused in the case of 15-year-old boy Abhay’s kidnap and murder, had committed such crime.

The all three accused Indugugamalli Sheshu Kumar alias Sairam (20) Pondara Ravi (21) and Nambiri Mohan (23) watched a movie “Oka Romantic Crime Katha” in youtube before committing the crime.

The trio were interested in acting in movies, the prime accused Sheshu Kumar approached Balu Paul, a movie artist in “Kurra Toofan”, who told him that , he require dancing skills and huge money. for getting into films. Sheshu Kumar informed the same to Pondara Ravi and Nambiri Mohan, and asked them to land in Hyderabad.

They have decided to kidnap a Abhay , who is son of Businessman to get into films. But unfortunately , their plan bounced backed when they tapped Abhay’s mouth, they also unknowingly tapped his nose, which led to Abhay’s death.