NTV Survey : TRS Government Performance


NTV – Nielsen – NG Mind Frame GHMC Poll Survey

Greater Hyderabad Municipal corporation polls has turned hottest topic in political circles and among public in both Telugu states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, since Seemandhra people population plays a deciding role in the elections.

GHMC is divided into 18 circles and 5 Zones – East, Central, West, North and South. NTV conducted survey in East, Central, West, North only.

TRS Government Performance
East Zone

Best 8%
Good 61%
Not Bad 27%
Bad 4%

Central Zone

Best 12%
Good 51%
Not Bad 27%
Bad 4%
West Zone

Best 73%
Good 24%
Not Bad 3%
Bad 0%

North Zone

Best 26%
Good 41%
Not Bad 26%
Bad 7%
Cumulative of all Zones

Best 24 %
Good 46%
Not Bad 23%
Bad 5%

Overall 70% satisfied with present Government