NTR’s secret deal with Jagan

Telugu Desam  Party which is in safe hands of Chandra Babu going to scramble with family politics as Jr.NTR has become a weapon in hands of Jagan.

As per sources a secret deal of worth 2000 crores was stuck between Jagan and NTR with one agenda to destabliles the TDP , Jagan who is unlikely to get power in 2014 election out any vote split in TDP as his image deeply damaged by CBI with a A-1 tag in cases is now using  Britishers  policy “Divide and Rule “. In this regard NTR has become a pray for him  .

In his latest movie NTR gave a clear indications to TDP that if he is avoided he may go to an extent of forming a new party to split the TDP votes thus helping Jagan to come in power .With Balakrishna recent statement that ‘ TDP need no Juniors‘  has blushed Jr NTR  to join hands with Jagan to show his strength and damage that he can do to the party. .In the meantime Krishna District Bandh on Dammu release day and Vamsi with Jagan epsiode to retract are  clear indications for next political drama in future.