NTR says Dhammu is way ahead of Racha, Gabbarsingh

Young Tiger Jr. NTR still have same opinion on his latest flick Dhammu. Dhammu which has come up as family entartainer with all elements like sentiment comedy, story but to reach expectations of audience as most of the web media and print media gave bad ratings .

According to reports Tarak has watched  the movie Dhammu yesterday, felt the movie is way ahead of Gabbar Singh and Racha in many aspects. He believed to said as follows  …..”Watched Dammu yesterday…Dhammu is  way ahead of Racha and Gabbar Singh in a few aspects…high on emotional content…quite a few adrenalin rush scenes…superlative performance…Love the songs…Loved the movie Overall.”

Meanwhile  NTR fans felt that failed to spread positive talk and antifans successed in that matter. They have come up with an unique concept as follows……

All of us need to take a oath that for all of  Tarak’s future films – we as Tarak fans will only talk +ve about the movie and support Tarak..We will not post or tweet even one negative word on the movie.. Every movie has its positives and negatives… For sure! Once the movie is released – there is really no point talking about the negatives rite? Nothing can be done after the movie is released…. We will only talk about the negatives 100 days after the movie releases….For the 1st 100 days – we will only post or tweet in facebook/twitter on what is positive in the movie and why we would recommend anyone to watch the movie..