NTR is man of words but not actions?

ntr-janatha-garageNTR’s ‘Janatha Garage’ theatrical trailer has talked about saving trees and the actor advocates a strong message through his trailer.But what is poking the actor after release of the trailer is that, Is NTR is man of words but not actions?.

Its because, Recently , Telangana government organized the prestigious ‘Haritha Haaram’ program to plant sapling to make the state eco friendly . Even Andhra Pradesh government organized the prestigious ‘Vanam Manam’ program. But NTR didn’t turn up to any of these programs.

While his counterpart including young heroes like Prabhas, Ram charan, Akhil and Allu Arjun took some time of their busy schedules to plant saplings.

NTR should have set as an example to his fans to bringing awareness rather projecting himself as plant lover on the screen. His critics are advising him to practice before preaching.