NTR loosing Family Support

It seems that, Young Tiger NTR is loosing support from his Nandamuri family. The major reason for this is Nara Chandrababu Naidu. The TDP chief who got to know, NTR will be the big threat in the future for him and his varasudu Lokesh, moving coins to keep Nandamuri family away from NTR. To put check to NTR and also to introduce his son Lokesh, Naidu roped his son to concave in the last bi-elections to send strong messages to TDP cadre about his varasudu.

After knowing Balakrishna is also supporting NTR, he invited his brother-in-law in to party. Balakrishna will be entering into direct politics after his 100th film. Naidu first tried with Nara Rohit, but after knowing he’s not the right person to compete with NTR, then as per the sources, Naidu is forcing Balakrishna to introduce Mokshagna into films as soon as possible. Now, the only man who is supporting NTR is his dad Harikrishna. One thing is for sure that, no one is substitute for NTR as he already proved as a super star and he alone can survive in the Industry. If everything goes well he would enter politics at right age.