NTR is my real Bigg Boss : Sampoornesh Babu

ntr-sampooActor Sampoornesh Babu has been evicted from the ongoing season of Bigg Boss Telugu after he was extremely claustrophobic and disturbed by the confined space of the Bigg Boss house, came on Bigg Boss show to apologize for the audience.

On the weekend show (Sunday) Sampooresh was called on to teh show by host Jr.NTR where he apologized for the audience for not living up to their expectations. He said he came from a village backdrop and thought of staying in the Bigg Boss house for 70 days. He was not comfortable staying in the closed house and was not comfortable with participants.

He said He has cried for more than 30 minutes after taking a spontaneous decision to leave Bigg Boss.He said He was also trolled on social media that he is unfit to be an actor.

He tweeted మనకో కష్టమొచ్చినప్పుడు, మన సమస్యల్లో భుజం తట్టినవాడే నిజమైన హీరో…మీరే నా బిగ్ బాస్ అన్న గారు… ప్రేక్షక దేవుళ్ళకి క్షమాపణలు కోరుకుంటూ … ఇంతటి అవకాశాన్నిచ్చిన బిగ్ బాస్ వారికి, స్టార్ మా ఛానల్ వారికి, ఛానల్ సిబ్బందికి మనస్ఫూర్తిగా కృతజ్ఞతలు. పెనాల్టీ లాంటివి పుకార్లు మాత్రమే (sic)

His tweet (translation), “When we are struggling, the one who gives us a shoulder is the real hero and NTR is my real Bigg Boss. I want to apologize to the audience, the thank big boss, and star Maa and the channel staff who gave me the opportunity. The penalty is just only rumors. “