NTR as Mafia Don in Baadshah

Every hero tends to have some minus points which they’ll cover by using their positives to the best. Our young tiger is going reverse about it and is going to experiment with his big minus point.

Well, one should frankly admit the fact that Junior never looks great on his body. His contemporaries like Ramcharan, Allu Arjun and even Nitin are wooing youths with their chiselled bodies. But, the Nandamuri hero always depended on dances and dialogues giving no chance for muscular looks. Lately he toned his body from drum to slim but never got those muscular looks. Right now, he wants to don the role of a mafia don cum secret agent in his upcoming ‘Baadshah’. To give the thrill of Hollywood, even Junior should look like a macho. But that is not happening and that’s what we say experimenting with big minus point.

They say that it takes lot of conviction but not look and feel to convince Telugu audiences. So let us see how he is going to overcome this ‘minus point’ to plus a hit to his career graph.