Now its KCR turn to look around courts

A case has been filed in High court by none other than TRS President K.Chandrashakar Rao’s own nephew Umash Rao against KCR  for misusing of TRS Bhavan for by running a TV news Channel and using as his own property.

In 2004, the state government has allotted one acre (4,840 square yard) of land to TRS to set up a party office, at a price of Rs 100 per square yard which is much lower than the market value. The market value at that time is around Rs 5,000 per square yard. This means TRS got the land in the posh area for just Rs 4.84 lakh, although the actual market price is around Rs 2.42 crore.

Previously, Congress leaders alleged but now KCR’s own family member alleging that the TRS Chief KCR is planning to run a Telugu TV channel at the party office, which is a violation of rules. This land controversy will surely trouble KCR and his party leaders in future as its in High court .