Noted Tollywood director passes away

Director-Nageswara-raoNoted Tollywood director Durga Nageswara Rao has died at his residence in Ramanathapuram, Hyderabad. He has directed successful family stories like Bottu Katuka, Sujatha, Swargam, Pasupu-Parani.

He was 87 years old. He was introduced as a director with Vijaya Bapinedu produced the film ‘Vijaya’. In the past, He worked as executive director for several films in Dasri Nageshwar Rao direction. Nageshwara Rao was the nephew of the then famous actor Chilalapooudi Seetharamanjaneyulu

On Wednesday, the Telugu Film Directors Association paid tribute to the three directors. In addition to Durga Nageshwara Rao, another well-known director who died a few days ago, Eranki Sharma and senior co-director Rama Suri were paid tributes.