Noose tightening around Ram Gopal Varma’s neck

rp_rgv-300x225-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-300x225-1-300x225-1-300x225.jpgThe noose is gradually tightening around director Ram Gopal Varma’s neck as series of developments taking place to arrest the director.

Hyderabad Police has already stepped up the probe in a case relating to his movie “God, Sex and Truth” featuring adult star Mia Malkova.

While the Vizag police have also filed under five sections against the director after women organisations went for a 48 hours hunger strike demanding the arrest of Verma. Women organisations also held a roundtable conference.

On the other hand RGV slammed at TV 9 for spreading false propaganda against him, He tweeted It’s baseless false propaganda by Tv 9 that I was called by CCS on Friday the 23rd reality, that is not true at all and it’s just a part of a malicious campaign by Tv 9 to spread lies about me.

DGP Raghuveer said They have sent notices to RGV to appear before them on next Friday as RGV was unable to answer some of the technical queries.