No Tax exemption benefit for Rudhramadevi in 1st week ?

The much hyped Entertainment Tax exemption in Telangana state for Gunashekar’s Rudhramadevi film, which is based of Kakatiya Dynasty seems to be not applying for the film.

According to the G.o.RT.NO.475 dated 8th October 2015, Tax is exempted only when the ticket prices of the movie are reduced to 75% of each class of the theaters. But this clause has not been taken under consideration by the theaters which screen the movie.

All the theaters have charged maximum admission price , However the makers can reduce the admission charges after first week to avail the tax exemption benefit. But has to see whether the government will accept it .

Meanwhile the collections of Rudhramadevi witnessed a huge drops and it is unlikely to run into a safe zone as Ramcharan’s Bruce Lee the fighter is releasing tomorrow.