No student arrested in connection with AAa piracy in USA

aaaTrivikram Srinivas directorial venture ‘A..Aa’ has hit the theaters on 2nd June and its overseas distributor has released a press note stating that a student was arrested for recording the film through mobile and streaming it on Face Book.

Blue Sky Movies went ahead to provided the case number as T16000061 but the fact is No Student was Arrested in USA for A Aa Piracy.

Investigation reveals that the format of Rosemont police case numbers start with 2”. The Rosemont Police confirmed that no such arrest was made in last one week ,for filming a movie in Muvico theater nor any other theater in the Rosemont area.

According to Washington Times report

“When our manager entered the theater, he saw the individual recording and asked him to stop recording immediately or leave the theater. He complied with this and deleted any images he contained on the phone for the movie, [and] we allowed the individual to stay for the remainder of the phone,” an unnamed cinema employee told Rosemont Public Safety Police. “