No question of rolling back the DeMonetisation : FM

rp_arun-jaitely-1-300x237-1-300x237-300x237-1-300x237.jpgFinance Minister Arun Jaitley in a slapping reply to the opposition parties said There is no question of rolling back the DeMonetisation.

Speaking in Rajya sabha He said, ATMs on a war effort are being recalibrated, Nearly 22,500 ATMs to be re-calibrated today, nearly 2 lakh ATMs exist as of now. Exchange limit of Rs 4500 over counter reduced to stop misuse of funds; Withdrawal of Rs 2.5 lakhs for marriages, a big relief to common man.He said, 1000 Rupee notes will not be reintroduced as of now.

Speaking to news agency He said, He would like to commend the banks and their employees for doing an excellent job, they had to deal with crores of customers. In 7 days banks have brought down the rush, there is no panic.Unfortunate that some people were inconvenienced.

He said He expects every political party to support this move as it will boost India’s formal economy. Most CMs have used state apparatus to support this move and he would appreciate that. While some CMs, however, are spreading panic, targeting Kejriwal and Mamata . Congress as a national party must support it instead of obstructing and then comparing it with Pak terrorism is irresponsible.

While Rajya Sabha adjourned till tomorrow after protests by opposition continue over DeMonetisation