No peace between Pak and India without resolution to Kashmir

nawab-sharif-ungaPakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressed the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly, in New York.

He said, They will not allow foreign forces to destabilize the development of Pakistan, In Principle even Pak is a victim of terrorism sponsored from abroad. Pak wants peace with India and this can be finally achieved without resolution to the Kashmir dispute.

He said, Pak gives an open offer to India, His country is ready for open debate with Indian on any platform Unconditionally.
He said, On behalf of wives, sister, brothers and mother of Kashmir ,Pakistan will share dossier with UN Secretary General on Indian brutalities in Kashmir.

He demand an independent inquiry into the extrajudicial killings in Kashmir,demand an end to the curfew . India posed unacceptable preconditions to engage in dialogue. Talks are no favour to Pakistan,they are in interest of both countries.

He said, Pak is not interested in an arms race with India but would take whatever measures are necessary to maintain credible deterrence.