No one cares Jaffa

Star Comedian Vennela Kishore made his directorial debut with ‘Vennela 1 ½’ which ended as a disaster. Even before release of his first film, Kishore started his second film ‘Jaffa’ where Brahmanandam is playing title role named Jaffar Khan, a terrorist. The long back released trailer has got excellent response. Actually, Brahmi himself was supposed to direct the movie but handed it to his Shishya because of hectic schedules.

In fact, Jaffa shooting was completed long back but release has been postponing due to several reasons. No one knows when this film will hit the screens. As per the reports, there are no takers for this movie in the market because of Kishore’s deadly shock Vennela 1 ½. This talented young comedian actually came into industry to become a director but shifted his career into acting as he was flooded with number of projects after the role of Khadar in Vennela. Later, he again targeted to reach his destination but failed completely. With this effect, distributors and exhibitors are feared to even talk about Jaffa.