No one can match Bunny !!

No doubt Bunny is the best dancer but Bunny needs a blockbuster or two to be considered as one of the leading commercial stars. However, there is one aspect where he is number one without an iota of doubt. He is currently the number one dancer in Telugu cinema industry, probably in entire South India. He would certainly rank among the best in India.

The then speed dancer NTR Jr. has slowed down now and Ram Charan keeps it simple and tries to be more graceful than doing tough steps. Ram has his limitations and Nitin isn’t very flexible in his dances. Only Allu Arjun can do tough as well as graceful dances effortlessly. In Julayi, Arjun used his plus point to the core and has come up with brand new dance moves that would impress the audiences very much it seems. We have seen his best dance moves in Badrinath. Now Arjun throws a challenge at himself in Julayi. And  proved fact is no one can match him at least in dancing.