No notices to AP CM Chandrababu?

naidu-666According to Andhra Jyothi media, The Forensic science Lab (FSL) has informed not to test the voice of AP Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu  in cash for vote case.

According to paper sources, the FSL has received verbal orders in this regard and also ordered not to serve notices to AP CM.

Telangana police is maintaining Abstinence in this matter as it would be tough job to serve notices to a CM because it may lead to controversy.

After discussing with Telangana government heads the police has decided not to serve notices to CM Naidu. Police has received verbal orders from their higher officials .

One of the police official informed the press that, Nobody would come for a voice test, even if they come they would change their voice and speak. All such matters don’t stand in court.

Meanwhile T police is mulling over testing the voice of Naidu with his recording in Assembly and other meeting’s audio clips.


source Andhrajyothi