No Movies for Balakrishna

Last three months box office tremble with balakrishna movies only. In June he released his adhinayakudu and in July he came with Uu kodarata Ulikki padatara and in this month he is coming with Srimanarayana.
Now after Srimanarayana release in which Movie will Will Act? Balakrishna planned Aditya 369 Sequel as Aditya 999 in the direction of Singeetam Srinivasa Rao and he Arranged the Story as Well but the movie is Socio fantasy and use of graphics is more in this movie finally movie budget reaches to Crest. The Producer is in dilemma on this massive budget. Finally the Sequel Time Mission is in Reverse Gear.
In the Past balakrishna Started a Movie with Bellamkonda Suresh in the direction of B Gopal but the Story was Not Decided as per the Convince. So the Movie is being delayed Now Bellamkonda is planning same movie with Balakrihna in the direction of VV Vinayak.
After three movie is 2012 Now Balakrishna is Taking Some Rest If the Director is Confirmed for his next movie likewise Srimanarayana, He will complete the movie in Ultra Speed.