No mega hero in Allu Arvind’s Ramayan ?

Allu-Arvind-to-make-Ramayana-filmAs reported earlier, Tollywood ace producer AlluArvind along with Madhu Manthena and Namit Malhotra have teamed up to bring Ramayana on to big screen which would be shot in 3 languages and also in 3D format.

According to the latest buzz, Rana Daggubati might be the choice for Ravana’s character in Ramayan. While the mega heroes might not suit for the lead character Sri Rama. Thus, there might not be any mega hero in the project.

Buzz that Allu Arvind might knock the doors of Jr. Ntr to play the role of lord Rama as NTR had already proved to be apt for the role at the age of 11 years itself. But the point is that Will NTR be accepted by Hindi audiences for the Sri Rama’s role?

The filmmakers have come forward to produce the movie on a budget of 500 crore rupees. The Ramayana film will be trilingual in Telugu, Hindi and Tamil languages.

Namit Malhotra is the CEO of Prime Focus, a media services company. He worked for visual effects of high budget movies like Star Wars, Transformers, X-Men: Apocalypse.

Currently, the team is putting efforts to cast actors and technicians to make the film with International standards. The shooting is expected to begin in October. The team is committed to delivering a spectacular extravaganza on the big screen.