No Force can weaken TDP in Telangana

ErrabelliTelugu Desam has reacted on its TDP senior leader and Secunderabad Cantonment MLA G. Sayanna joining the ruling TRS party in the presence Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on eve of upcoming GHMC elections

TDP leader Errabelli said, the ruling TRS is including in luring politics rather ruling the state properly. TRS leaders are more concreting on operation Akarsh to bring other party leaders into their party.

In view of MLC elections for 12 seats, TRS is trying to strengthen its count in the assembly by wooing other party legislatures. He said TDP is a very strong party in the state and No force on earth can weaken it . It has strong cadre which is the foundation of the party and luring MLA cannot weaken the party.