No Confidence just a drama played by TDP : YV

rp_yvsubbareddy-300x175.jpgTDP-BJP friendship bond was once again clearly witnessed in Parliament, says Lok Sabha Former YSRCP MP YV Subba Reddy.

Even though TDP withdrew from the NDA alliance, Union Minister Rajnath Singh remarks that Chandrababu is still a friend to them mentioned their bonding and expose Telugu Desam drama of No confidence in Lok Sabha said YV Subba Reddy

YV Subba Reddy also criticized the TDP MPs for not showing their sign of protest with Rajnath’s statement over special status. TDP MPs did not react when Rajnath Singh was talking on funds.

YSRCP has already told in the past about TDP-BJP relationship. CM Chandrababu had not gone to Delhi because of his connection with the BJP continues after TDP came out of NDA. He said No- Trust was just a drama played by TDP.