No competition for Raviteja’s Nela Ticket

nela-ticketLine clear fo Mass Maha Raja Raviteja’s upcoming film Nela Ticket which will have a solo release on May 25.

Over the past few days, the release dates of all the upcoming films were the same. Now The films that are expected to be released on May 25 are releasing on June 1.

Nagarjuna as a hero in the direction of Ram Gopal Varma, Officer was scheduled to release on May 25th. But the film was postponed. This movie is going on release on June 1st.

Kalyan Ram’s film ‘Naa Nuvve’ was also announced to release on May 25th. But it was postponed. The film is likely to be released on June 1.

Raj Tarun ‘Rajugadu’ will also be released on June 1. Vishal’s film ‘Abhimanyu’ will also release on June 1. It has already been released in Tamil. The Telugu version is being released on June 1.