No comparisons with Baahubali says Rudhramadevi director

rudhramadevi-baahubaliHistorical film Gunashekar’s Rudhramadevi based on the story of the 13th century warrior queen of Kakatiya dynasty is all set to release on October 9 worldwide.

Guneshekar reveals interesting facts about the film. He says, the film was announced in 2003 after Okkadu and the estimated budget was 25+ crore. This film is inspired from movies like Braveheart and Gladiator.

He said, He approached many stars for the Gona Ganna Reddy , but all hesitated and Allu Arjun came forward. He also thanked Chiranjeevi for voiceover. It tool one year for pre-production work and one year for shooting and also one year and half year for post production.

The main reason for the delay is making the 3D version of the film. The overall cost incurred for making the film is 80 Crore. He says, No comparisons with Baahubali as both are of different genres.