No attacks on Assamees in Hyderabad

The Cyberabad City Police denied reports on Assamees being threatened to leave Sidique Nagar of Madapur PS limits and Anjaiah Nagar of Raidurg PS limits. In a media release, City Police Commissioner B Tirumal Rao claimed that there was no truth in those rumours. “None of the Assamees were assaulted or threatened by any one. In view of prevailing situation in Assam state lot of Assamees are going to Assam to visit their families out of their own anxiety,” he said.
The Cyberabad Police have deployed pickets in Anjaiah Nagar and Siddique nagar. Patrolling has been intensified in the Raidurg and Madapur Police Station areas. Meanwhile, the Cyberabad Police organized a meeting with the security agencies and Assamee people at NAC Auditorium on Thursday to dispel their fears and to create a sense of confidence among them.The Commissioner has appealed to the Assamees people who left for Assam to return and join their jobs. Cyberabad Police have also started a help line 9490617100/9490617370.
It all started with  recent violence in Assam targeting refugees from Bangladesh is being felt in Hyderabad with some Assamese working as private security guards here rushing back to their State worried over possible retaliatory attacks.

Though no official statistics are available, many Assamese security guards deployed at malls, restaurants and software companies have stopped turning up for duty leaving their managements clueless.