Nityananda is getting ready to spoil Telugu people

The Baba of the millennium, Nityananda Swamy who is behind bars after facing charges of cheating while involving in his sexual desires is now planning to move his base to Hyderabad from Tamil Nadu. He faced a massive protest from people all over the world after his video wherein he was hugging and kissing a Tamil film actress Ranjitha, while watching television was broadcasted on the TV in March 2010.

Nityananda Swamy has chosen the state of Andhra Pradesh to move his base as; AP has a huge vacuum for Politicians and Babas. He is still confident that he did nothing but even after his video on TV. Recently Nityananda said, he is ready for any sperm test to prove him being not guilty. Hopefully people in Hyderabad are ready to greet this baba with their footwear.