Nishit Narayana fined thrice for rash driving

nishit1Andhra Pradesh municipal administration minister P Narayana, son Nishit Narayana who died in a road accident while his Mercedes Benz car at a speed of nearly 200 kilometers per hour rammed into a pillar in Hyderabad.

This is not the first time Nishit was driving the car at such high speed, was earlier fined thrice for rash driving.

The first time he was stopped and fined for over-speeding was at Shamshabad on January 24 this year, when he was driving the vehicle at a speed of over 150 kmph.

The second time, it happened on March 1 at Shamshabad again, when Nishit was caught driving at a speed of 153 kmph.

In the third instance, he was caught again on March 11, this time at Madhapur, when he was driving at a speed of 125 kmph.

In all the three instances, he had to pay a fine of Rs 1435, totaling an amount of Rs 4,305, the police revealed.