Nirmala Convent Movie Review : Boring School

nirmala-convent-reviewMovie : Nirmala Convent
Directed by G. Naga Koteswara Rao
Produced by Nagarjuna Akkineni,Nimmagadda Prasad
Starring Roshan Meka,Shriya Sharma,Nagarjuna Akkineni (Guest)
Music by Roshan Saluri
Cinematography S. V. Vishweshwar
Production company :Annapurna Studios, Matrix Team Works
Release date :16 September 2016 Rating : 2.5/5


There is a small village called Bupati Nagaram with High hills and Green fields , A rich Landlord of the village has 99 acres of land but his eyes is always on Veeraiah ( LB sriRam)’s one acre, Because Landlord’s 99acres will turn wet crossing this one acre. This Landlord resort to murder of Veeraiah in a Mela for not selling that one acre. While Veeraiah before dying, takes a promise from his son David (Surya) that he would not sell the land at any cost.

Here comes David’s son Samuel (Roshan) and Rich LandLord’s granddaughter Shanti(Shriya Sharma), both are from same school – Nirmala Convent. Sam is always first in studies and General Knowledge and Shanti in mischief. Both fall in love with each other and Shanti’s father Bhupatiraju(Aditya Menon) comes to know about their love and Sam gets beatings from Bhupatiraju servants.

Sam’s father knowing all this, goes with a marriage proposal to Bhupathi Raju and asks his daughter’s hand for Sam. Bhupathi Raju agrees with a condition that he has to sign a property transfer papers of that one acre, Sam father agrees and signs. Later Bhupathi Raju cheats Sam’s father and tells him to reach his level before asking his daughter hand for Sam. What will Sam do to reach the level?, What would be Nagarjuna’s role ?..forms the plot.


Srikanth’s son Roshan has done his homework before the debut but still  he need improvement in performance and timing, He was cute with his decent looks. He is perfect hero material and would definitely Shine in future as lover boy with good scripts. Shreya dominated with her performance especially the teasing scenes with “Love Language”, was cute, However she still looks like a small girl . Nagarjuna plays a celebrity role in the film and he performed well but his role doesn’t give any oxygen to the film or the story. The comedy tracks of Thagubothu ramesh and Jogi brothers were not at all funny.


Cinematography of the film was good, Music director Koti’s son Roshan Saluri’s music and BGM was good especially the “Kotha Kotha Bhasha” song which was sung by  A R Rahman’s son A R Amen was good and Nagarjuna song too. Dialogues references to Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi are too much to digest. Rich Production values of the film were up to the standards .

Although Nirmala convent has many exciting things like Hero Srikanth’s son Roshan’s debut film , It even marks the debut of actor Rajiv Kanakala and anchor Suma’s son Roshan Kanakala and also to television actor Prabhakar’s son Chandrahas as co-artists, Debut of star music director son, High production values and Nagarjuna’s guest appearence, But the only flaw in the project is selection of  G.Naga Koteswara Rao as Director. The director came with a outdated plot stating that it’s a fresh and pure Love story. Director has completely mishandled the film either it may be dialogues, scenes..nothing was looking fresh. He neither took initiative to try it differently nor tried to give a better version of scenes . The screenplay and the direction made the movie boring and irritating at times. Even Nagarjuna fans will feel too much about Nag’s reference in the film. The last half hour of the film does makes some sense after testing patience of audience.

Naagarjuna known for judgement of stories, has mistaken zeroing such an outdated plot for Roshan’s debut. Expect “Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu” episode , rest of the film went very flat. The movie was a promotional campaign of upcoming TV program “champion of champion”. The first half of the film will test the patience of the audience as it has logicless boring scenes. Second half is better compared to first half . The story starts to reveal just 10 minutes before Interval bang. This brings some interest to watch the second half. Overall, One would feel better if the film is watched without any expectations.

Boring School !!