Nimmagadda Prasad buys 10TV

10-tvTelugu news channel 10 TV which started off with good TRP ratings, in the beginning, has raised money in the form of shares from the public. There are no employees at the start of the channel. Channel management faced financial difficulties. The CPM party leadership were unable to pay Employees salaries at one point in time.

CPM leadership decided to give up the Chanel and the Channel was sold. A week ago, Channel sale procedure was completed. This channel is said to have purchased by Nimmagadda Prasad. However, the existing employees will continue for a year.

Two Left parties could not effectively run the TV channels. Even though channels have been created show their voice, these two parties have failed to advantage of these channels. Nimmagadda Prasad had previously owned Maa TV.

Nimmagadda Prasad is known as golden hand as every business he starts has been hit by success. 10 TV went into hands of the successful entrepreneur.