New twist in Sri Reddy Controversy

sri-tamanActress Sri Reddy is furious over transgender over Jr Artist Tamanna Simhadri for leaking their phone chat to media.

Sri Reddy revealed many things like RGV instigating her to abuse Pawan Kalyan, the 5 crore offer of RGV, YSRCP approaching her , Maha TV Murthy’s TRP interest and many more.

Latest Tamanna Simhadri alleged that with the support of TV channel RGV was alert and posted a video . When she took the conversation of RGV and Sri Reddy, the TV channel instead of airing it , alerted the filmmaker.

Tamanna said, Just to support the cause , she was silent when Sri Reddy was abusing Pawan Kalyan. But she doesn’t like Sri Reddy’s behaviour and finally decided to not to support her.