New twist in Nikhil Reddy’s case

nikil-reddyAlleging being cheated by Global Hospital doctors and hiding of facts regarding the height increase surgery, the hospital management has decided to back out in giving further treatment to 23-year old Nikhil Reddy .

Nikhil Reddy underwent the height increase surgery on April 5 and since then he has been bed-ridden, his family complained at TSMC , Global Hospital Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Chandra Bhushan was suspended for unethical practice for indulging in unethical medical practice.

Within a day after suspension announcement The hospital backed out giving further treatment to Nikhil Reddy.Nikhil’s father Govardhan Reddy said, the hospital has stopped giving the treatment , even the injections were stopped. He was much worried about his son’s health.