New ISM from Mega camp

bunnyEveryone knows about the craze for mega heroes in Tollywood. Pawan Kalyan is treated as a demi-god by his Fans. They cannot take anything negative about their hero, That is why the four-month controversy between Kathi Mahesh and Pawan fans has taken place. Pawanism has become a religion for fans worshipping him as God.

Now comes a fresh ISM from mega camp. It’s called Bunnyism. Allu Arjun Fans are spreading Bunnyism slowly. A hashtag has been trending in the name of AA ARMY since the entry in the Bunny on Instagram recently. Bunny is playing an Army officer in Naa Peru Surya film and Bunnyism is also been brought by Allu Arjun Fans.

Bunny never rethinks to help those in need. If any of the mega fans die, he meets their families and gives them a helping hand. when a fan died, Bunny took over fan’s three children responsibilities. He is educating them freely. He helped financially ill people. He is also a caring for producers. In ‘I’m That Change’ short film he explained his thoughts.