Nellore train accident – A Terroist Act ?

After 24 hours laspsed for Nellore Train Fire accident, The fact finding team still not able to trace the cause for the accident. They still not sure about cause for  this incident.

As per the Eye Witness’s Testimony in Tamilnadu Express fire Accident, before the fire accident, the sound of a big explosion was heard 3 times. He further stated that the short circuit is not the reason of the Fire accident. As per the statement of the injured person by name Madanlal, the lights were seen glowing , which is not possible in case of short circuit. With his statement the forensic department is investigating this matter to find whether its a sabotage or terrorist  act behind it.

Meanwhile, Railway Minister Mukul Roy did not rule out the possibility of a blast behind the devastating fire in Tamil Nadu Express that left 28 passengers dead today.