Negative opinion on Jr.SVR

The first projects of young and upcoming heroes are very important to their careers as they place them in the proper momentum. A young hero who soon will come with his debut film, is now swamped with “negative” opinions.

Another sequel debuts in Tollywood with ‘Mr.7 the film. The legendary actor SV Ranga Rao’s grandson, is SVR will debut with this action-oriented romantic love story. Those who watched the first look of this film are busy giving the young guy a “negative” opinion. They felt that the SVR, the route of “villain” for a handful of films have taken before hero route. “He has all those qualities necessary for a bada or villain roles with negative shades. After graduating as an antagonist, SVR will get huge buzz and openings or he makes his debut as a hero, “one critic said. Becauseit has its own production, as Mr.7 ‘goes down to Box Office, the hero of the career start with the problems on a thorny path. Let’s see how this agrees with “negative” opinion.