Nayeem Criminal History

nayeemFormer Maoist leader Mohammed Nayeemuddin alias Nayeem, a native of Bhongir town in Nalgonda district of Telangana, was killed in an encounter in shadnagar , on outskirts of Hyderabad.

Nayeem was accused in over 130 criminal cases, including 20 murder cases including the murder of Indian Police Service officer K.L. Vyas in 1993. This People’s War Group (PWG) left the PWG and turned a gangster. He also acted as police informer to eliminate top Maoists and their sympathisers.

He played key role in murders of leaders Purshottam and Niranjan,and surrender of Maoists Sambasivudu and Ramulu, gangster Patolla Goverdhan Reddy and others.

He became very popular with the gruesome murder of Belli lalitha that he committed when he was in forest. Nayeem and his gang brutally killed realtor Radhakrishnan, former maoist and TRS leader Sambasivudu

He reportedly threatened TRS leaders and legislators and had escaped from police custody for 11 times.