Navdeep slams media over Rave party

navadeep1Actor Navdeep slammed at media reports for the alleged rave party reports in a section of media at a Farmhouse located on the outskirts of Chakkarapalli in Mominpet mandal in Ranga Reddy district.

He dubbed such reports as “Blind Journalism” reports. He said He and his parents had a dinner with other families . He also said if media had given him one rupee each time they used his name, he would have been proud owner of a Farm House.

He also posted some photos of so called Rave party , where children were making pots with mud, dancing with their parents .

He tweeted ..”  Hilarious news of the day! Dinner with parents and families – rave party! When questioned about it say “cant name my sources!” #journalism

Elago veedi meedha chaala unnay kadha , inkokati vesedham, janalu nammutharu , aanandhistharu, trp osthadhemo! #dhenemmajeevitham lol

Meeru na peru vaadina prathisari naku oka one rupee isthe , nijangane farmhouse konagaligevadnemo! #Hatsoff

Vadu cheppadani veedu raasadanta
Veedu raasadani inkokadu raasadanta!
Desaniki nenu elago panikiranani mee feeling kadha! Ponile (1/2)
meeraina panikirandi! Nannu pakkanapetti panikoche pani cheyyandi! #thanks 🙂 (2/2)

Pillu pottery chesthu , peddhalu families tho bond avuthu gadipina oka gruha prevashanni RAVE party chesina mahaanubhavulaki (1/2)
paadhaabhivandhanalu! (2/2)

My mother was with me what’s wrong with u! Anything for trps? No checking facts no checking with me atleast! #blindjournalism
Guess when writing s**t is your bread and butter .. You should be excused! Cool bro , go find your other news of the day! 🙂 #peace

If my mother was not there last night, she wouldnt have believed me and cried all morning! Who would answer her? #myquestiontojournalists

Hey look i found pictures from the RAVE party I ran away with my mother and other family last night!! #shameonyou” (SIC).


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