Nattikumar upset with support for Kalyan

Producers C. Kalyan and Nattikumar are polarising Tollywood. As the rift between the two intensifies, stars are showing their support for one or the other. Nattikumar’s complaint against Kalyan led to the CID booking multiple cases against the latter under IPC Sections 387, 307, 506 and 25 of the Arms Act.
However, recently industry big-wigs including Allu Arvind, Burugupalli Sivaramkrishna, Ashok Kumar, M.L. Kumar Choudury and K.S. Rama Rao met with additional director-general of police Ramanamurthy, to show their support for Kalyan.

They reportedly rubbished the theory that Kalyan has links with Bhanu, who has been accused of murder and also trashed Nattikumar’s complaint. “When the police have registered the case and investigating officers are probing it, what’s the need of the industry bigwigs to take sides. It’s truly unfair. It’s time for law to take its own course. Why are Tollywood film-makers trying to influence the officials,” asked Nattikumar. He also claimed that the industry heavyweights’ “unfair act” has hurt the feelings of a majority of 1,000-odd producers who have suffered at the hands of Kalyan and Bhanu in the last few years.