Natti ugly claims drags Rajinikanth

Producer Natti Kumar, who suffered heavy losses in Telugu film 3, has called Dhanush, Aishwarya Rajinikanth and Tamil producer Kasturi Raja “cheaters” for delivering a lacklustre film. “They wrapped up the film cheaply with a digital camera for Rs 6 crore and sold the film for Rs 80 crore the world over, including Rs 5 crore for Telugu rights. They filled up their pockets and cheated the audience with a film with poor production values. Even the much-hyped Kolaveri Di song was shot cheaply at a beach,” Natti Kumar said.

Kasturi Raja in a press statement has claimed that Natti hasn’t paid them yet and the cheques that he had given had bounced. “Dhanush and Aish had an obligation to promote the Telugu version of the film,” Natti Kumar claimed. Natti Kumar has learnt that Rajinikanth has cleared Aishwarya’s debt worth Rs 9 crore to a bank and is now urging him to compensate the distributors of the Telugu version. “I urge Rajinikanth to mediate since we bought this film only for his brand name,” he said.