Natti Kumar takes revenge on Kalyan !

Producer Nattikumar has lodged a complaint with the regional officer of the censor board in Hyderabad, Dhanalakshmi, and asked the board to stop the censoring of the upcoming film,Sivathandavam (Thaandavam in Tamil), starring Vikram and Anushka Shetty.

Nattikumar contended that producer Kalyan is reportedly cheating by claiming a dubbed film as a straight Telugu film. Usually, in this situation, it’s the Censor board which determines one particular language as ‘mother language’ for every film and treats rest of the versions as dubbed.

Nattikumar said that UTV, the production house that made Thaandavam in Tamil, has applied for a censor certificate for the film in Chennai as a straight Tamil film, whereas Tollywood producer Kalyan, has applied for a censor certificate for its dubbed version Sivathandavam as a straight Telugu film.

“It’s nothing but cheating both the governments of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. In Chennai, if it is awarded a ‘U’ certificate as a Tamil film and the same happens in Andhra Pradesh, the Tollywood producer could evade entertainment tax of 12.5% causing a big loss to both sates’ exchequers,” said Nattikumar.

He has written to the chief ministers of both the states, president of Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber and also to South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and other trade bodies. “Kalyan is the president of South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce, instead of setting a good example, he is abusing his power,” he said.