National media Naayak Ratings !

The most waited first big film of 2013 ‘Naayak’ shaking entire Andhra Pradesh withrecord collections, released in Telugu all over the world.

Now let us see what national media and other popular News Dailies in English say about this film.

Times Of India
Rating 3.5/5
Naayak, It’s the pot boiling paisa vasool entertainment, so your gratification levels will be directly proportional to how much intelligence you are willing to suspend. We’d suggest you leave your wits outside the movie hall.

Deccan Chorinicle

Rating: 3.5/5

Ram Charan is quite appealing, Vinayak tends to repackage scenes from his earlier movies.Akula Siva pens strong punch lines to enthral Ram Charan fans.


Rating : N/A

Nayak is a good entertainer and will appeal to the mass audience.


Rating : 3/ 5

Nayak, a regular commercial potboiler, starts off as a regular mass movie and ends up the same way. Nayak team should have concentrated on the story more. Cherry is a good dancer and he proves it again. A rehashed film that can be watched once.

Rating : 3/5
V V Vinayak delivers a hardcore commercial entertainer for the festival. If you can watch Naayak without analysing it, you will find it fun.


Rating :N/A

Naayak: A sure shot crowd puller.Naayak guarantees fun for people who want a good time and see Charan in a dual role. Good beginning for the Telugu film industry.
VV Vinayak has found his magic formula this time and delivers a good entertainer after Adhurs. Go watch Nayak. It’s harmless fun and might just put a smile on your face.


Rating 3.5/5

Naayak is Balanced film. For the lovers of full meals, this is another from a different hotel. You may have eaten it many times before, but would not mind it again.