National and International Rating for Baahubali

Baahubali-national-international-movie-ratingGalm Sham :

In its sheer production cost (billed US$ 40 million), Bahubali is epic.

Rating 5/5

India Glitz :

A visual feast, ‘Bahubali’ is not Rajamouli enough.  The Hollywoodish ending may well be a trendsetter.

Rating 4.5/5

The Guardian :

The eponymous hero (“The One with Strong Arms”) embodies several legends for the price of one. Plucked from a river, the infant Baahubali could be Moses; shifting a stone shrine several hundred feet, his teenage self is as hefty as Hercules; swinging from vines so as to climb the waterfall his village sits under, he’s as romantic a figure as Tarzan.

Rating 4/5

The Hollywood Repoter :

India’s Most Expensive Film ‘Bahubali’ Opens Strongly, Garners Critical Acclaim .

Rating N/A


The film’s dazzling special effects have also drawn audiences to theatres, and are inviting comparisons to Hollywood’s best.

The film has convincingly recreated magical kingdoms, thrilling bull fights, breathtaking flights across mountain peaks and gripping chases down icy slopes. A spectacular 40-minute war sequence comes as a fitting grand finale.

Rating N/A

Filmfare : 

Bahubali is truly an epic experience. Had the story not been so jaded, this would’ve gone into the history books as an all-time classic. But that’s not the case. It has its set of storytelling flaws, but even those are overshadowed by Rajamouli’s ideas and execution. This is definitely worthy of being India’s most expensive film. It’s a definite movie watching experience.

Rating 4/5

Hindustan Times : 

Baahubali ends up being all sound and spectacle but little else. Despite its epic dimensions with a tendency to copy larger than life Hollywood heroic tales like Ben-Hur and Troy the film fails at some level to draw us into the narrative. If Rajamouli thought his special effects team that drummed up outstanding imagery lovely waterfalls, magnificent snow-covered mountains and an awesome terrain of the kingdom would somehow cover up the weaknesses of the film, he was wrong. Greater detailing and accuracy could have helped.

Rating 4/5

The Indian Express :

SS Rajamouli’s film holds out many promises: of adventure and romance, love and betrayal, valour and weakness. And delivers magnificently on each of them.

Rating 4/5

Mid Day :

Be warned. While watching ‘Baahubali’, you might have to periodically pick up your jaw off the floor. Because this is not merely a movie, it is an unbelievably thrilling fantasy ride.

Rating 4/5

IBN Live :

How Rajamouli creates an epic and manages to break century old culture in Indian cinema.

Rating 4/5

ABP News :

Majestic, mesmerising, almost magical…

Rating 4/5

Rediff :

Bahubali is mega, ingenious and envelope pushing!

Rating 4/5

KoiMoi :

Be it the war sequences, or sword fighting; or a visual spectacle, or pure entertainment, watch Bahubali this weekend. Kudos to the dedication of S S Rajamouli and his leading men, Prabhas & Rana, for spending years putting this film together. Actually, in it’s imagination & Indianness, Bahubali might just be a whole new start.

Rating 4/5

Deccan chronicle:

A one-time watch , If you look at the old NTR and ANR films, they are comparatively much better than ‘Baahubali’.

Rating 3/5

The Hindu :

A triumph of imagination , The best sight of all is that of a filmmaker not, for a second, taking his audience for granted.

Rating N/A


Fantastic Bang For Your Buck In Most Expensive Indian Movie Ever Made.

Rating 3/5