Narsingapur becomes Digitally Literate

TelanganaThe newly formed 29th state of Telangana is not only hading as country’s IT Hub, but in digital literacy too it is competing with other states.

Narsingapur village in Nizamabad district of Telangana 100 per cent digitally literate village . Telangana Information Technology Association and Digital Literacy Revolution ‘Digithon’ team have collaboratively started the digital literacy program on March 19 in Telangana University.

Out of 274 houses in the village, the TITA team has identified 155 digitally illiterate households and has chosen one person from each house and invited them to participate in the digital literacy program.

Now the villagers have learnt basic skills like using a computer, smartphone, accessing emails, social networking sites, navigate the web, and processing basic Internet transactions and are now able to gain access to vital online resources like bill payment services, booking travel tickets and various e-commerce platforms.