Narendra Modi’s 9 mistakes in Currency Demonetisation

rp_modi-300x238.jpgA look at the 9 mistakes that Narendra Modi made by banning Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes.

1. Claiming to curb Black Money and Releasing 2000 note
2. Old notes should be exchanged in Bank, but 40% of Indian s does not have access to Bank facility.
3. Decision has been taken without considering the techcalitie of fitting 2000 notes in ATMs
4. Without considering the gap of registration value and the market value in Real estate sector.
5. Without concentrating on the 28 Lakh cores given to corporate houses.
6. Modi targeting “Operation Binami” at last
7. Banning high denomination notes without bring the small denomination notes into circulation.
8. Giving a deaf ear to the fact that Agriculture sector which is a livelihood for 60% population depends on cash dealings only.
9. Forgetting the fact that Even daily commodities distribution system also deals in Cash.