Narendra Modi verbal attack on Gau Rakshaks

modi-townhall-gau-rakshakThe recent incidents ,where some dalits were beaten by so called ‘Gau Rakshaks’, has angered the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi has addressed the first ever town hall meeting today in Delhi, has made a verbal attack on Gau Rakshaks .

Delivering a strong statement against cow vigilantism said those who called themselves “Gau Rakshaks” made him “angry”. He said, The sacred practice of cow worship & the compassion of Gau Seva can’t be misused by some miscreants posing as Gau Rakshaks. Misdeeds of some, posing as Gau Rakshaks are doing a great disservice to the noble deed of Gau Seva, as practiced by Bapu & Vinoba Bhave.There is absolutely no need for anyone to take the law in his or her hands & disturb the spirit of harmony & togetherness.